An eccentric Scot who claims a community turned against him because he likes to pretend he is German has decided to move to Europe.

Viktor Albrecht von Werra was banned from driving and fined yesterday and said afterwards that he was planning to leave Scotland and move to Amsterdam.

The 61-year-old said he wanted to move away because of the negative reaction he had received to his claims that the people of Comrie shunned him.

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He said: "The last time I spoke out I got myself into a lot of trouble. I am going to move away soon. I might go to Amsterdam, where my wife is."

Von Werra - who changed his name from Victor Benjamin to appear more German - claimed the people of Comrie turned against him because of his eccentric behaviour.

He said he was the victim of an anti-German conspiracy and had become a hate figure due to his fondness for parading around town in Nazi regalia.

Von Werra was banned from the road for nine months yesterday for drug driving after he had previously been found guilty of nearly causing several crashes while he was on methadone.

Sheriff Kenneth McGowan fined von Werra - who claims over £1,100 a month in benefits - £400.

At his trial, von Werra, who uses the name of famed German World War II fighter pilot Franz von Werra sported a morning suit and clutched a silver-tipped cane.

He claimed his name was to blame for his original arrest.

But von Werra - who only adopted the name in March 2011 - was found guilty of driving under the influence of drugs after a sheriff ruled that the witnesses against him had no axe to grind.