AN MP is backing a parliamentary bill which aims to eradicate the practice of hiring unpaid interns.

Liberal Democrat Mike Crockart will support the Prohibition of Unpaid Internships Bill, which is expected to receive cross-party support, when it comes before the Westminster parliament today.

The Edinburgh West MP has long opposed unpaid internships on the grounds that they exclude young people from low to middle income households who cannot afford to work for free.

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Mr Crockart said: "Every intern has the right to a fair and decent salary. It is simply unacceptable that in 2014, people are being expected to do proper jobs for free. Many companies believe that because some young people are willing and able to commit to unpaid internships they are doing nothing wrong. I've even had companies tell me how 'the young people doing internships value the experience they get'. The problem is that it's only a fortunate few who can afford to take up such opportunities."