PAEDOPHILE Stuart Hall is a predatory and calculating opportunist whose denials of rape and sexual abuse were dismissed as "ludicrous" and "psycho babble" in court.

Peter Wright QC told the jury of eight women and four men that Hall had shown no remorse throughout to his alleged victims, whose youth was no bar to their "defilement".

The 84-year-old former BBC broadcaster has pleaded not guilty to 20 allegations of rape and indecent assault between 1976 and 1981 against two young girls.

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The complainants came forward after he was jailed last year for a string of historical indecent assaults against 13 young girls.

Hall claims both girls consented to sex, but did not give evidence in his own defence.

The prosecutor, in his closing speech at Preston Crown Court, told the jury that Hall "engineered circumstances" to get the girls alone, often in his BBC studios dressing room, before they were plied with drink, "numbed" by alcohol and incapable of giving consent.

But Crispin Aylett QC, defending, said to the jury they were not dealing with a man who had subjected either girl to threats. He said: "He was charming, funny, endearing and loving. He did make them feel special. "It is called seduction and it can result in two people having consensual sexual intercourse or even making love."

He said neither complainant had done or said anything to suggest they were unhappy when having sex with his client.

Mr Aylett said: "That I suggest is because each of them did consent each time."

"The defendant has no one to blame but himself but he is not a rapist."

The trial continues.