When will tickets go back on sale?

Organisers have said the booking website and phoneline will only be relaunched once technical problems "are resolved to our satisfaction".

Details of the relaunch are to be outlined today although it appears unlikely sales will resume before next week.

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Are there many tickets left to sell?

100,000 new tickets were released as part of the "Final Sprint" initiative on Monday. Around 40,000 tickets were left by the time the booking system was shut down at 6pm on Tuesday, and these will go on sale once the problems are resolved. Some events are sold out, however. These include mountain biking, triathlon, track cycling, swimming and diving.

What happened?

Customers trying to buy tickets from the website complained they were encountering lengthy delays and transaction problems. For example, customers who had placed tickets in their online shopping basket were reaching the checkout only to be transferred back into the queue for tickets when they attempted to complete the sale. Some customers experienced the problem repeatedly and found that events they had attempted to buy tickets for were sold out.

Other customers managed to buy tickets but only after being logged in for hours - some reported waiting 25 hours to secure tickets.

An investigation is trying to work out what went wrong

Who's responsible?

Both Ticketmaster and Glasgow 2014. The website is run by Ticketmaster, who process bookings and send out the tickets to customers However, the Glasgow 2014 team are responsible for testing it would cope with expected demand.