Workers' average incomes are £150 less a week in parts of Glasgow than in neighbouring areas, the Shadow Scottish Secretary Margaret Curran said yesterday.

The Labour frontbencher unveiled the figures as she accused the SNP of ignoring inequality within Scotland to pick a fight with England.

Similar disparities exist in other parts of Scotland too, she warned. In Aberdeenshire average weekly pay is also at least £150 less than in neighbouring Moray, the figures from the House of Commons library show.

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Presenting the statistics during a speech in Glasgow, Ms Curran accused the SNP of being "so committed to independence that it diverts them and blinds them to the very real issues they should be dealing with as the Scottish Government."

Green MSP Patrick Harvie said Ms Curran's speech proved Westminster has failed to tackle inequality.

He added: "There is great wealth within the UK, but to suggest it's being redistributed is nonsense when we have children in poverty and families relying on food banks."

SNP MP Eilidh Whiteford said: "Powers to tackle economic inequality are reserved to the UK Government, so Margaret Curran's speech today only highlights the failings of Westminster and why we need the full powers of independence."