OTHER key recommendations from the Land Reform Review Group in its report.

l Establish a Scottish Land and Property Commission as a single body with responsibility for monitoring the system governing the ownership and management of Scotland's land, and recommending changes in the public interest. The Scottish Government should do more to increase the rate of registrations to complete the Land Register.

l Government should develop a National Land Policy for Scotland, taking full account of international experience and best practice. Also a short life working group should be set up to improve information on the numbers and types of community land owners.

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l Improve opportunity for public to fish for wild freshwater fish.

l End the need to prohibit the transfer of public land at less than market value, which would make more Forestry Commission land available to communities.

l Trust Ports and other forms of local control over harbours, piers, slipways and similar coastal assets should be encouraged as a form of community land ownership.

l Position of Common Good lands should be improved to ensure they are adequately safeguarded and managed.

l Government should consider the introduction of a conditional right to buy for tenant farmers in the public interest.

l Statutory land rights of local communities should include a right to register an interest in land, the existing right of pre-emption over land and a right to buy, as well as rights to request the purchase of public land.

l The Scottish Government and Forestry Commission Scotland should develop a more integrated and ambitious programme of land acquisitions in rural Scotland.

l Crofting trusts or crofting community owners should be able to purchase Scottish Government crofting estates at less than open market value.

l Scotland's current common law public rights over the foreshore, inland water and seabed should be replaced by statutory public rights that are integrated with the public's statutory access rights over land.

l The Scottish Government should introduce longer and more secure tenancies in the private housing rented sector.