White Zombie (1932)

White Zombie (1932)

Bela Lugosi terrifies in what is widely considered the first feature-length zombie film. He plays a Haitian voodoo master commanding a legion of undead.

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Night of the Living Dead (1968)

This glorious gore-fest is the opening instalment in George A Romero's Living Dead series followed by Dawn of the Dead (see below) and Day of the Dead.

Dawn of the Dead (1978)

A clutch of survivors take refuge in a suburban US shopping mall as aggressive, flesh-eating zombies roam.

Thriller (1982)

This 13-minute epic by Michael Jackson was voted the most influential pop music video of all time. Who hasn't tried to recreate those famous dance steps of Thriller after a few glasses of wine?

28 Days Later (2002)

The zombies in Danny Boyle's post-apocalyptic horror aren't the usual lumbering beasts, but as fast as Usain Bolt and with the climbing ability of mountain goats. Gulp.

Shaun of the Dead (2004)

Shaun (Simon Pegg) must juggle surviving a zombie uprising with winning back his girlfriend, Liz. Almost every actor from Spaced has a part in this classy Brit flick.

World War Z (2013)

Partly filmed in Glasgow. Former United Nations investigator Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) helps save the world from a spiralling pandemic. Truth be told, I've seen George Square look far worse on a Saturday night.