YOU have to wonder what statement Harry Styles is making with his army-green sweatshirt.

Obsession, it reads on the front. Presumably he knows he is the obsession of the hundreds of young girls at the front of the stage as One Direction open the BBC Big Weekend.

The line-up for the Glasgow Green event is being touted as "the best on the planet". It's certainly solid and, for the first act, there's not much better than One Direction.

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The five boys walk beautifully - there are no dance routines here - and bounce around like an enthusiastic Top Shop advert, apart from Styles's crotch-grabbing, which lowers the tone. They take turns nicely, at both singing and chatting, and you can tell the popularity of each by the volume of screaming that greets him.

They are at once sweet, sincere and amusing. The crowd utterly adores them, which is fortunate as the crowd is there to give adulation and the five boys are there to receive it.

To be mealy-mouthed about One Direction would be to display a sad lack of humour. The band are both easy on the eye and easy on the ear: just what's needed for an opening show.