Andy Roxburgh didn't have a ginger beard when he saw his Scotland side beaten by Costa Rica at Italia 90.

But he does now.

The manager only appears fleetingly in the "true to life" movie of the Ticos' greatest sporting achievement. But he is played by thirty-something self-style "Gringo Reporter" and sometimes-extra called Robert Isenberg, who doesn't even know his name.

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Mr Isenberg, writing in the English-language Tico Times, described the scene as "brief but significant". Sparks fly, literally, as the Ticos scrape their metal studs and tough-talk the Scots in the tunnel.

"For Ticos, Italia 90 isn't just a movie," the American explained. "It's a chance to relive a national triumph.

"You could say 1990 was La Sele's 'Rocky' moment: They didn't win the cup, but their success won international acclaim and boosted Costa Rican confidence."