SCOTTISH Fire & Rescue Service is to get a special architectural award for its "extraordinary efforts" in tackling the Glasgow School of Art blaze.

Firefighters confirmed they had managed to save 70 per cent of the contents of Charles Rennie Mackintosh's Grade A-listed landmark from last week's fire.

A school spokesman said fire crews had also managed to save some students' degree-show work.

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Architects Journal acting editor Rory Olcayto said: "Their bravery, quick- wittedness and civic pride are qualities the whole ­architecture profession is grateful for."

The Architects Journal decided to act after Muriel Gray, the school's chairman said she had "run out of words" with which to thank the firefighters.

News of the award came as the GSA said it was working with Historic Scotland on an "early phase of reconstruction" of the building.

Experts from the Digital Design Studio at the GSA have laser-scanned the ­Western Gable and created a 3D plan, and specialists from Historic Scotland have marked up the stones in line with this plan.

Work will begin today on deconstructing and laying aside a small section of the uppermost part of the Western Gable for conservation.

The work will be undertaken by stonemasons and the stones will be conserved and protected at Historic Scotland's Glasgow Cathedral Depot for reinstatement at a later date.

Yesterday the School of Art said the Mackintosh Building was now cleared and all departments had been relocated.

And as parts of the school re-open for business today, it emerged the Students' Association is to host the first of a series of funding events for students affected.

Alex Misick, vice ­president of the GSA Students' Association said: "As things re-open on Friday I am focusing my efforts on a series of fundraising events that should help out the affected students on a more immediate basis."