I've owned this stone-built former schoolhouse in the Dumfriesshire countryside since 2000 but used to rent it out.

Having fronted the Scottish band Silverfish, I'd moved to the US in 1993 and formed a musical outfit named Ruby, with producer Mark Walk. Our first album, Salt Peter, reached number 14 in the album charts. In 2008, I came back to Scotland and moved into this house, where since 2012, I've been working on new music under the Ruby name.

I always imagined I'd end up here, because it's the only house I've been emotionally attached to. The two other houses I bought afterwards were with my ex-husband so they were never really mine, whereas this one I bought on my own. I live here with my 11-year-old son. It's so beautiful around here and every room in the house has a beautiful view: of greenery, cows and sheep.

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When I first came to look at the house, I fell in love with it. There were so many original elements, from kitchen tiles to the old wooden staircase. I just thought: "This is my house". It was in terrible nick, though. Refurbishing it was a huge job because the floor and wooden staircase had been covered in a Shellac finish, so restoring the woodwork was a major job. I did pretty much everything, except knocking down the kitchen wall and the plumbing and electrics.

The house at the bottom of the drive was originally the actual school. The teacher lived here. I had a man turn up at the door saying that he had been evacuated here from London during the war because his aunty was the teacher and he had really fond memories of it. He'd brought his mother, whose sister had been the teacher.

The living room is my sanctuary. It is also where I work and make music. I have a beautiful view across the valley as I'm sitting writing music. In the evening, I have an open fire and all my little candles and lights on. All my favourite art work is in here as well and I just sit and appreciate it. It's my wee glory hole.

Ruby's new album, Waiting For Light, is released on the June 3 by Fireweed Recordings