Abdelbaset al-Megrahi was found guilty of mass murder following a trial at Camp Zeist in the Netherlands in 2001 and jailed for life with a minimum term of 27 years behind bars.

He lost his first appeal in 2002.

The following year, he applied to the SCCRC for a review of his conviction. Its £1.1 million investigation led to a finding in June 2007 of six grounds where it believed a miscarriage of justice may have occurred.

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This decision opened the door to al-Megrahi's second appeal against his conviction. Although a number of hearings had already been held before senior appeal judges, he dropped his appeal two days before being released from prison in August 2009.

The latest call for a review is based on claims of fresh evidence, including allegations it was impossible for al-Megrahi to have bought clothes that were found in the wreckage of the aircraft.

The submissions also says he was convicted on the word of a Maltese shop owner who "gave a false description" of him in statements and failed to recognise him in court.

It also claims the fragment of the circuit board and bomb timer discovered in the Scottish countryside could not have been responsible for the bombing.