A DISTRICT in London would make an unlikely outpost of an independent Scotland.

But campaigning residents from the self-styled "South Norwood Tourist Board" - which has no official status - are to hold a mock referendum on whether the area should "become part of Scotland in the event of a Yes to independence vote on September 18".

Residents are also to be given two other options to vote in the ballot papers at the poll on September 11; to stay in the London Borough of Croydon or become an independent "People's Republic".

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In an echo of the way many Scots feel about England, residents are fed up living in the shadow of their bigger, noisier neighbour Croydon.

Croydon is the home town of model Kate Moss, who read out David Bowie's "Scotland, stay with us" plea at the Brit Awards.

Ballot papers for the South Norwood poll will be distributed to shops and pubs by the campaigners, and anyone over 16 can take part in the vote. Ian Bone, who is half Scottish, said: "It wouldn't be legal, but South Norwood would declare independence if that is what voters want."