A pensioner who embarked on a 1,000-mile round trip to stalk a woman was caught after his victim - an artist - sketched a picture of her abuser.

Former soldier Graham Curtis, 73, was barred from going near Stephanie Pass. Instead he tracked down her daughter's family to a Perthshire village to subject them to a campaign of harassment.

Curtis had already been made the subject of a restraining order by a court in Dorset banning him from going near Mrs Pass or her artist daughter Lauren.

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But he drove 500 miles from his home to Crieff to stare through an art gallery window at Lauren Pass before posting sinister emails to her father, Philip.

Curtis was convicted at West Dorset Magistrates Court last summer after posting untrue letters about Mrs Pass to her friends and colleagues.

Yesterday he was found guilty at Perth Sheriff Court of causing fear and alarm to Philip and Lauren Pass by engaging in a threatening or abusive manner in ­October last year. Curtis was fined £400.

Mr Pass, 61, who owns the House of Tartan, told the court he had sent emails to the police in Dorset about Curtis and it was one of those the stalker had pushed through his door. He said: "Lauren is an artist of some note and she drew me a little picture of Graham Curtis because I never knew what he looked like."

Miss Pass, 26, said she saw Curtis drive by and stare menacingly into the art gallery when she assumed he was 500 miles away in Dorset.

She said: "I was very surprised and angry at first, and then very scared."