AN adventurer who is attempting a record stay on the outpost of Rockall has finally been able to emerge from his living quarters following a break in the weather.

Nick Hancock, who aims to stay on the tiny rock for 60 days, was spotted by the skipper of a fishing boat.

In a message yesterday from the Peterhead trawler Genesis BF505, David Watt said they were fishing on the east side on Saturday and for the first time, they spotted Mr Hancock who is a week and a half into a record-breaking bid.

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In the last 10 days, the weather has been foul and the Edinburgh-based ­chartered surveyor has always been ensconced in the Rockpod as the Genesis sailed by.

Mr Watt said: "I gave him a whistle and a toot of our fog horn but he probably didn't hear us. It was amazing to see a person standing on this isolated rock miles from anywhere. It was a highlight of our day."