THE Crown office has said it has seen the contents of a draft report into botched forensic evidence in the Kevin "Gerbil" Carroll case but will not reveal details as it may prejudice a future case.

Concerns had been raised that no-one in the Scottish justice system had seen the full report, prompting fears that lessons have not been learned since Ross Monaghan stood trial accused of Mr Carroll's murder.

Mr Monaghan walked free from court amid claims the police had undue influence on the forensic scientist in the case. Judge Lord Brailsford also criticised a police raid on Mr Monaghan's Glasgow home which ran the risk of evidence being contaminated. A Crown Office spokesman said: "The Crown has had sight of the conclusions and recommendations made by the Forensic Regulator and also a draft of their full report.

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"Following consideration of the report it was concluded that publication presents a significant risk of prejudice to ongoing live proceedings as it contains a detailed account ... and an analysis of that evidence.

"The murder of Kevin Carroll remains a live investigation and a warrant has been issued for a suspect in the murder and proceedings are active in terms of the Contempt of Court Act 1981."

He added: "When proceedings are at an end the responsible authorities will publish the report."