A VICTIM has called for tougher jail sentences for offenders after being attacked several times by a former boyfriend.

Nicole Coyle was beaten on three separate ­occasions, including one to the danger of her life, in a nine-month reign of terror by amateur boxer Kieran McLuckie.

He was 19 when he was sentenced to three years last February for but has been released after serving 14 months.

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McLuckie has been served with a non-molestation ­order preventing him from going anywhere near Nicole for five years. But Ms Coyle still fears bumping into him in the street as he still has family and friends living in the area.

Her mother Carol-Anne said: "She never goes out alone and she has a very good ­circle of friends so she's hoping that won't happen and if it does she will be able to deal with it."

His release has sparked outrage from Ms Coyle's family, as well as women's groups.

Nicole, now 19, from ­Rutherglen, was only two punches from death after her ex smashed her face in, breaking almost every bone and left her unconscious on the street after she refused to go back out with him. Her family warned women in Scotland to stay away from him as they are convinced he will strike again.

Her mother added: "We don't believe that McLuckie's sentence was long enough and he should have served the full term."

Glasgow East Women's Aid praised her family for warning other women.

The charity's collective manager Pamela McElhinney said: "Nicole has been badly let down by the ­justice system.