THE city council has pledged that an "extensive deep clean" of Glasgow will be carried out for the 2014 Games.

However, it has admitted there is no extra money being invested in the effort, with resources coming from the regular cleansing budget.

Glasgow's "facelift" as the Commonwealth Games approach has seen colourful banners on the streets and giant posters advertising tickets even being used to cover up a disused Kinning Park factory visible from the M8.

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Neil Baxter, secretary and treasurer of the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland, said the clean-up of the city would be an "unstated" legacy of the Games. Baxter said: "It is the decorative little touches, it is like the tidying up of your home before visitors arrive.

"There has been a lot done which has removed unsightly stuff in favour of just tidying up the city."

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council said: "We are carrying out an extensive deep clean across the city which will continue during and after the Games.

"This shouldn't have any detrimental affect on the service residents and businesses currently receive over the 56 neighbourhood areas."