US radio show host Rita Cosby gripped an audience as she recounted her war hero father's story at an awards ceremony.

Ms Cosby was in ­Edinburgh and Glasgow last week on a visit to the country that gave her father the promise of a new beginning after he escaped from a prisoner of war camp.

Warsaw Uprising hero Ryszard Kossobudzki - or Richard Cosby, as he became - arrived in Glasgow towards the close of the Second World War.

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He died in 2012. Ms Cosby, guest of honour at the first Outstanding Pole in Scotland Awards set up to celebrate the countries' relationship, has told his story in a book, Quiet Hero.

During her visit she met with First Minister Alex Salmond and Polish Consul General Thomasz Trafas.

At the awards in Edinburgh last night, Ms Cosby said: "The world can benefit from the great spirit of the Polish people."

The awards honoured people across a range of ­categories. The Culture ­category was won by Izabella Brodzinska, and the Business category by Albert Fret.

The Science award went to Dr Piotr Marek Jaworski.

Majka Maria Hanna KozBowska won the ­personality award and Oliwia NastaBek was winner in the Young Pole category.