ONE-QUARTER of parents have admitted to turning the air blue while driving with their children in the car.

One in four motorists said they had been known to swear or shout even though their youngsters were travelling with them.

The Scottish Government and Road Safety Scotland will today launch an initiative among parents and carers to discuss the influence their behaviour behind the wheel can have on their children's behaviour when they in turn take to the wheel in the future.

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A YouGov Scotland-wide poll to ­coincide with the Kids in the Car campaign showed 26 per cent admitted shouting or swearing at other drivers or pedestrians while children were in their vehicle. And nearly two-thirds of Scottish adults felt swearing was one of the worst behaviours to demonstrate to children while driving.

Mairi Blair, assistant director at Road Safety Scotland, said: "We want this campaign to highlight the link between what children see and hear from parents and other role models in the car, and how those behaviours may affect them as future drivers."