TIME is running out for the UK Government to step in and help save the lives of two Saudi Arabian princesses, who, it is claimed, have been denied food for more than 90 days and have only limited access to water, a Labour backbencher will warn today.

North Ayrshire and Arran MP Katy Clark will raise the plight of Princesses Sahar, 42, and Jawaher, 38, daughters of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, who divorced their mother Alanoud AlFayez more than 10 years ago.

Ahead of the 90 minute Commons debate, Ms Clark said: "The two sisters have been held under house arrest in Jeddah by their father as they are out of favour. No one is allowed in or out of their compound. Their sisters Maha and Hala are also imprisoned in separate complexes nearby.

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"Sahar and Jawaher's conditions have become increasingly desperate since they spoke out about their imprisonment in the international media. Their mother lives in London and is asking for help from the United Kingdom."

Sahar recently explained the sisters had enjoyed a pampered adolescence but animosity towards them grew after they started to complain to their father, who has 38 children by several wives, about the poverty endured by most of the Saudi people.