RESEARCHERS studying prostate cancer have been given a £500,000 funding boost.

Dundee University has received the six figure sum made up of money from two charities and the government as it investigates unanswered questions surrounding the most common cancer in men in Scotland.

Prostate Cancer UK and Movember are adding £275,000 to a £225,000 contribution from the Scottish Government's Chief Scientist Office, creating a grand total of £500,000 being pumped into the exciting new project.

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The money will be used for clinical research that is being carried out with patients for the first time. The researchers will be investigating ways to improve the diagnosis of aggressive prostate cancer and reduce the number of unnecessary biopsies, one of Prostate Cancer UK's priority areas for research funding.

Dr Iain Frame, director of Research at Prostate Cancer UK, said: "Research into prostate cancer has suffered from a historic legacy of neglect, leaving tests trailing decades behind other common cancers. Men are dying needlessly due to inadequate methods of testing. Through funding research projects we are determined to right this wrong."