WE were having a clear-out and found an old Scrabble set.

Unfortunately, the board had been a victim of mould so had to be chucked out but the tiles were all there and this gave me an idea for making some cute pictures. I have made three different pictures using the tiles and given them all as gifts. In the picture above, the words have been positioned in a jaunty fashion; on other designs I have intersected people's names as if they are taking part in a Scrabble game. These gifts have been well received as they are individual and can't be bought on the high street.

Difficulty: medium

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Materials: Picture frame; cardboard; patterned backing paper; spray adhesive; ruler; pencil; double-sided tape; Scrabble tiles


Cut the cardboard to fit into your frame and cover this with the backing paper you have chosen. I found it a lot easier to use spray adhesive for this as it means that the tiles will have something solid to stick to and will not fall off after the picture's been on your wall for a while. Let this dry completely.


Decide on your Scrabble tile design. I previously made a design for a couple who got married and intersected each of their names. Take your time to play around with the best combination that will look good.


Now you have your design it's time to get sticking. Each letter needs to be stuck down with double-sided tape. You may need to measure out each tile position; this can be time-consuming but it is well worth the effort. To create this type of effect you need to mark the middle of your cardboard backing with your ruler and the middle tile in your design. I found that it's most effective to allow a 3mm gap between each letter to simulate the Scrabble board. Once complete insert your design back into the frame and admire.

For a full, detailed tutorial with step-by-step photos, follow me at www.threadpaperscissors.com