A FARMER and his contractor have been reported to prosecutors over a foul stench from human waste.

Vile odours could even be smelled in Glasgow - six miles from the site of sewage sludge containing human waste at Drumcross Farm in Erskine, Renfrewshire, which was spread over fields.

Renfrewshire Council reported the farm and contractor James McCaig Farms to prosecutors over alleged failures to "minimise the nuisance caused to nearby communities".

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A spokesman said: "This activity has caused smell nuisance in neighbouring communities and the council will take formal enforcement action in respect of the failure by the farmer and his contractor to comply with the abatement notice."

Families in the Erskine area have repeatedly complained about the smell which they claimed was so bad they had to cancel barbecues, clothes could not be hung outside to dry and children had to be kept indoors.

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (Sepa) ordered the farmer to remove the human waste sewage from storage by July 21 and spreading operations began on Tuesday which later triggered more complaints, including 10 from residents in Glasgow.

Council officials in Paisley claim two spreaders and two ploughs were to have been used so that the sewage was immediately churned into the soil. But just one plough was used and as a result work had to continue yesterday. Farm owner Iain Graham and his farm managers were not available for comment.