A GRANDFATHER who became an online sensation after a passionate outburst on BBC's Question Time has told of his new-found fame.

Nigel Kirk Hanlin, from Nairn, made a rousing speech defending the union between England and Scotland which has gone viral.

The 71-year-old said his outburst had been "simmering away like a volcano" inside him for years before he spoke out on national television on Thursday.

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He said: "I knew exactly what I was going to say. I realised that I was in a very privileged position and not many people have the opportunity to voice their opinion on such a large scale. I just don't see the sense in breaking up the union. We will be worse off in so many ways.

"We owe it to the millions that have given their lives for Britain - all those who fought in Northern Ireland, Iraq, Afghanistan and the World Wars. Not to mention the unseen army of people working for MI5 and MI6. United we stand, divided we fall."

The retired farm labourer raised his arm in the air and declared he would give his life for the cause live on national television on Thursday night.

With a steely glare, he told the audience: "I was born in Inverness, I'm a passionate Highlander, and I love ­Scotland. I will take a stand to keep the United Kingdom together. I will give my life for my country as my grandfather did in the First World War."