Buddhist monks banned from handling cash have come up with a 21st century solution to their age-old dilemma - taking donations through a mobile phone app.

Buddha introduced the prohibition on monks accepting gold, silver or other currency dorms more than 2,000 years ago.

But disciples at the Dhammapadipa Temple in Edinburgh are using mobile phone card readers to process donations for their £1.3 million place of worship.

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Abbot Watana Somboon, 36, said: "Monks are not allowed to touch money so this is a very modern way of getting around a very old problem."

Buddhist disciples tend to rely on contributions of food, clothing and medicines. But, modern times require modern solutions and their financial matters are solved with an iZettle "point of sale card reader" which attaches to mobile phones. All donations can be taken on the move with iPads and smartphones, removing the need for cash transactions.

Abbot Somboon said: "We have had a growing number of requests for patrons to donate money by using their credit or bank card."

Nina Fernstrom, strategic partnership developer at iZettle, said: "We're delighted to be helping with the monks' efforts to raise money for a new building."