one in three fathers has never sought advice on parenting, a survey has found.

Some 34 per cent of fathers said they have never asked for help, compared with 19 per cent of mothers.

The poll, commissioned by the charity Action For Children, found 52 per cent of parents had sought advice from family and friends.

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Some 37 per cent said they had consulted a healthcare professional, while other popular sources of information included books (33 per cent), and TV, magazines or websites (25 per cent).

YouGov questioned 2,267 people with children aged 18 or under for the survey. Overall, 27 per cent said they had never sought advice about bringing up their children.

Jan Leightley, executive director of operations at Action For Children, said: "Parents face many challenges so it's important to know where to seek help.

"If you're looking for information on issues like your child's behaviour, routines or relationships, the parenting courses at our children's centres can help. Parents who use them are overwhelmingly positive about the difference they make. Getting help early for difficulties affecting your family can stop them developing into bigger problems so don't feel embarrassed or scared to ask. Staff at our children's centres work with mums and dads to support parents, not judge them."

Some 86 per cent of parents who had used a children's centre said they had sought advice, compared with 62 per cent who had never visited one. To find a centre, visit