DANISH actress Sofie Gråbøl may be best-known for her Nordic jumpers as Detective Sarah Lund in The Killing.

But she is now getting used to a more theatrical costume for her role as Queen Margaret of Den-mark, in a National Theatre of Scotland production.

Gråbøl is playing the role in James III: The True Mirror, the third of three major historical plays being produced by the NTS this summer for the Edinburgh International Festival.

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Written by Rona Munro, the play also stars Jamie Sives as King James III.

The play - to be premiered in August - focuses on the ambitious reign of James III and his resourceful and resilient wife. It will transfer to London in September.

Ms Gråbøl said: "I have never done theatre in English and it will be a great challenge for me, but luckily Queen Margaret is Danish.

"As well as being about Scotland and national identity and all of that, the play is also about relationships."