l Wild wrack seaweed grows in the shallow, crystal clear waters of the Outer Hebrides.

It is hand-harvested, air dried and immediately milled.

It grows short, thick and is exceptionally nutritious due to the turbulence of the ocean.

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l The seaweed continues to grow so the marine environment is unharmed. It contains all the micro-nutrients missing from processed food and depleted soil, including more than 100 vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids.

l It is described as having the broadest and most balanced spectrum of nutrients of any natural food.

l Bladderwrack, caragheen, dulse and dabberlocks; murlin, thongweed and sea tangle are among the types of the seaweed.

l Kelp was cut from rocks on the waterline and dried on stone walls before being burned for eight hours, usually overnight, leaving behind white ash.