ITS rugged landscape was featured in the movie Skyfall as the setting for Bond's ancestral home.

But residents in Glen Etive in Lochaber now fear the popularity of the area is leading to it being spoiled by fly-tippers and litter louts.

They are cataloguing the ­problem with a series of pictures showing the mess left by climbers and campers at the glen, which also featured in two Harry Potter films.

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It attracts huge numbers of wild campers each year and it is the actions of a minority of these visitors which has come to the fore in recent weeks and prompted the launch of a campaign on social media.

Mark and Phillipa Shone, who have lived in the glen for the past two years, set up a Facebook community page called Glen Etive - The Dirty Truth to document and expose the behaviour of some campers and day-trippers who drive away leaving bags full of rubbish, tents, camping equipment, broken bottles, drinks cans and - in some instances - drugs paraphernalia.

Mr Shone said: "It's just baffling the mentality of these people, who show no respect for such a gorgeous part of the country."

The 29-year-old added: "It's the festival mentality that some people seem to have, rocking up on a Friday and partying all weekend.

"We see whole campsites left. There's broken bottles and even supermarket trolleys which appear to be used for cooking food on the fire."

The Shones set up the Facebook page just two weeks ago and have received a total of 1,347 likes so far.

He added: "Maybe we need to take a leaf out of the United States' book and have dedicated countryside police or wardens who patrol our glens and could tackle the problem head on."

Local Highland councillor Andrew Baxter has called for a meeting between the various landowners, public bodies and police in a bid to tackle the problem of fly-tipping.

He said: "I am angered that such a beautiful glen might as well be renamed Glen Midden because of the lazy and selfish actions of those who think it acceptable to simply drive away, leaving their mess behind.

"The only thing that is wild about this camping is how it leaves me and many others feeling when we see how the glen is being destroyed.

"There's no doubt it has got even worse since the ban on camping around Loch Lomond was introduced. Practical action is needed. That's why I have asked for an urgent meeting with the various landowners, public bodies and police.

"I've been in touch with councillors in Perth and Kinross who have experienced similar problems around Loch Rannoch. They solved the problem with a proactive approach, which included police patrols, the recording of number plates and the direct threat of prosecution."

The northern half of Glen Etive is tidied up regularly by landowners the National Trust for Scotland (NTS).

A Trust spokesman said: "This is undoubtedly an issue for us. We share concerns about the mess left behind by irresponsible campers in Glen Etive.

"The Trust takes responsibility for tidying up our land. Every year we remove hundreds of bags of rubbish. This work, while clearly vital, diverts staff from important conservation work in the area. It also leaves our charity with the costs for disposing of this rubbish.

"Over the years, we have tried various approaches to tackle the issue and to try to encourage responsible behaviour and, of course, we talk regularly to our neighbours and relevant agencies about how best to tackle this. However, there are no straightforward solutions."