Every night I charge my phone on my bedside table but find the cable really ugly to look at so this week's project will show you how to cover this up.

I decided to take an old hardback book and create a hole inside to hide away my phone and cover the book with some fabric that would go with my bedroom decor. You must ensure that the book you have chosen will fit your phone, with ample room once it has a section cut out from the pages.

Difficulty: medium

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Materials: Hardback book; cotton fabric; PVA glue; ruler; pencil; craft knife; sandpaper; greaseproof paper

Step one

Cover the book in your chosen fabric. Cut enough fabric so that there is a generous amount around each edge. It's better to cut too much now, and trim down later. I started by applying a thin layer of PVA to the back of the book to attach the fabric then worked my way around to cover the spine and the front cover. Leave this to dry. Next step is to cut a border around the book of about 2.5 cm. I used pinking shears so that when the front cover is open it has a neat finished edge. Apply glue to the rest of the fabric to attach to the inside cover creating neat folds at the corners. Leave this to dry.

Step two

Open the front cover of the book and apply glue to the edges of the pages. Close the book and put something heavy on top while it dries. To make sure the front cover will still open leave a piece of greaseproof paper inside; this stops it from sticking together. Apply two coats of glue to the edges.

Step three

Once this is dry, open the book and on the front page mark a rectangle that allows a border of at least 2.5cm. Start cutting this out with your craft knife; keep going until the hole is deep enough to hold your phone with the charger attached. This can take quite a while to get through all of the pages. Also cut a small groove at the top for the charger cord. Smooth down these cut edges with the sandpaper and glue to seal. Charging your phone has never looked so pretty.

For a full, detailed tutorial with step-by-step photos, follow me at www.threadpaperscissors.com