A SEA eagle expert has described how he feared the worst when the nest of a chick caught on camera being pushed out by an intruder was found empty again.

The chick, a star of this year's BBC Springwatch, was rescued a month ago, when it was feared she had fallen 30ft from the nest.

Webcam footage of the nest, in a secret location in Forestry Commission Scotland land on Mull, later revealed she had been pushed out by a rogue eagle.

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When the nest was found to be empty once more ­Scotland's top sea eagle expert Dave Sexton feared for the chick's life - only to discoverfind she had successfully made her maiden flight.

Mr Sexton, RSPB officer for Mull, said: "When I saw the nest empty again on Thursday and couldn't hear her calling I dreaded going in. I was worried I might find her dead under the nest, as has happened with other chicks.

"There was no sign of her and I couldn't hear her either which was unusual, but I eventually found her sitting on top of a tree stump, surveying the view around her.

Her father was watching from nearby.

"Then there she was ­soaring in the warm breeze looking like a proper eagle. It's for moments like this that I do this job."