AN auctioneer has sparked anger among Scotland's Jewish community by going ahead with a sale of Nazi memorabilia.

Dunblane auction house owner Bob Robertson is offering a bust of Adolf Hitler and a Nazi snuff box as part of a regular antiques sale today. The snuff box carries the infamous eagle atop Swastika, the formal symbol of the Nazi Party.

Paul Morron, president of the Glasgow Jewish Representative Council, described the sale as "distasteful" and said that it was not just Jews who would be offended by it.

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He said: "You have to remember what the people who invented these symbols actually did. They killed countless Jews, blacks, the disabled, gypsies, people with learning difficulties and political opponents. If you think of that, then anything that celebrates these symbols has to be considered distasteful."

Auctioneer Bob Robertson defended the sale of the items, stressing he did not wish to offend anyone.

Mr Robertson, 64, said: "You are obviously aware of atrocities but they are now in the realms of history. It is more historical and collectible, rather than being offensive to any organisation. I don't want to offend anyone in any society. We sell them because they are collectible."

Wearing or publicly showing such items is illegal in Germany and an attempt to dispose of a range of Nazi objects last April caused uproar in France. The lots were later withdrawn from sale.