A WOMAN who bought two pieces of Nazi memorabilia at an auction house threw her purchases in the bin after discovering the controversy around the sale.

The buyer snapped up a small bust of German war-time Fuhrer Adolf Hitler and a snuff box bearing the eagle atop swastika, the feared symbol of the Nazi Party.

But when she was asked to justify her £155 purchases as she left the auction house Robertsons of Kinbuck, the woman said: "I feel sick" and threw the bust into the nearest bin. She then marched back to the auction house, claiming she was unaware of the Jewish opposition to the sale.

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She added: "The woman in the auction told me she had received some calls about it - but only after I had bought them. I can't keep them now." When each item came up for sale, no mention was made of the chilling origins. The female auctioneer described them as "a desk seal" and "a small box" although an assistant held them both up for view.

Auction house owner Bob Robertson, 64, refused to say if he had given the woman a refund.

He justified offering the items for sale, arguing that people should "move on" from the war.

He added: "If we knew we were upsetting people, you would not be selling these things in the first place.

"You have raised awareness of the sensitivity of these items and we will be cautious about selling them in the future."

Esra Golombock, 91, whose wife survived the Auschwitz concentration camp, said: "I'm glad Mr Hitler ended up in the bin. It's the best place for him."