POLICE Scotland has been called on to end its involvement with the Sri Lankan government.

A new book, Britain's Dirty War Against the Tamil People, argues the UK has supported repression of the Tamil independence movement. It's author, Phil Miller, says the Scottish Police College is training Sri Lankan police, even as the UN is investigating possible war crimes by the state.

At the launch, hosted by the Scottish Trades Union Congress, Mr Miller called on Police Scotland to withdraw until investigations have been completed: "Thirty years of British involvement catastrophically failed to improve the human rights record of Sri Lanka's security forces There is no sign that this current Scottish Police project will fare any better," he said.

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A spokesman for Police Scotland said: "The Scottish Police College (SPC) has an international reputation for the quality and integrity of its training. It has been clear from the outset the training reform package in Sri Lank was embedded in international standards in police training."