ROSDEEP Adekoya was connected to a man murdered by a Somalian drugs gang and she had been under investigation by social workers.

She posted a picture of herself with Mohammed Abdi, 25, who himself was facing drugs charges, on a social media site the day after he died in a hail of automatic gunfire in Edinburgh last year.

It was claimed Mr Abdi had been seen coming and going from Adekoya's flat.

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By this time Mikaeel Kular was one of five siblings in the family known to social services.

Adekoya has three children aged nine, seven and six by her husband Omotoso Adekoya, from whom she is separated but not divorced.

When she split from her husband, Adekoya, who grew up in Fife, moved to the home there owned by her mother and stepfather Harjinder and Bangerpat Krishnaswamy, and she and the children stayed there with her sister Pandeep Kular.

Adekoya became pregnant with Mikaeel and his twin sister, now four, after beginning a relationship with Zahid Saeed, a childhood friend.

The court heard she threatened to commit suicide after Saeed, who had a long-term partner, ended the affair.

Social services became involved before the birth of the twins as their mother intended to have them adopted.

They were placed in foster care aged three days old but Adekoya quickly changed her mind about the adoption.

Social services continued to "keep an eye" on the family.

The older children were taken in by their father while the twins were placed in emergency foster care.

Yesterday, Adekoya dabbed her eyes repeatedly with tissues as the narrative of her crimes was read out.

Following the hearing, Mikaeel's father Mr Saeed left the court without making any comment.