THE WINNERS of the Sunday Herald's unsigned band competition did not waste their moment in the spotlight at the Wickerman Festival yesterday.

The Cut Throat Razors won their place on the main stage after holding off competition from bands across Scotland and finally being crowned champions at our Wicker Warm-Up gig in Glasgow last month.

The Glasgow outfit - who usually perform as a 10-piece but added an extra member especially for their Wickerman show - said they were delighted with their performance and also revealed that they had made valuable contacts in the music industry which they hope will serve as a springboard to further success.

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The band's singer, Scott Crawford, said: "We played really well and the response we got from the crowd was brilliant. It was hard to tell how many were there, but it was easily the biggest audience we've ever played in front of.

"Being on the main stage, we actually all had room to move about for once.

"We are about energetic, happy music, so it was good to have the space to jump about without the fear of inflicting some form of GBH on one of the other members of the band.

"We want to thank the Sunday Herald. This has all come about because of the paper and it's been fantastic for us."

Following their big performance, the band said that they had potentially secured a series of slots at other festivals - with the possibility of a place on the bill at Glastonbury next year being the most tantalising.

"We're really hoping this will lead on to something," Crawford added. "When you're on the bill, you make contacts and speak to folk, and one thing leads to another.

"They were on about putting us on the bill for a few festivals later this year and perhaps even Glastonbury next year.

"A lot of us have our friends and families down though so for now, we're all just chilling out, taking it all in.

"With the performance over we can just enjoy the festival as well."