SINCE jetting into Glasgow at the weekend and holding court at his own personal press conference, Usain Bolt has proved elusive.

But while the fastest man on the planet has kept a low-profile, keeping to his pledge of largely staying to the athletes village in Dalmarnock, it appears the star's family have been exploring Glasgow.

Cecilia Townley, a teacher from Surrey who is visiting for the Games with sons Frank, 11, and Vincent, 9, got chatting to who she believed were normal Jamaican sports fans on the Subway, while en route to Hampden Park for tonight's athletics after getting on at Kelvinbridge.

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It was only when she spotted the name 'Bolt' on an identity badge that the man she had struck up a conversation with revealed himself to be the sprinter's father, Wellesley. Also in the Bolt party were his mum, Jennifer, with the family also on their way to Hampden.

Cecilia said: "I looked at his badge and jokingly said 'you're not a relation are you?' He said 'actually, I'm his dad'. His mum was there as well with all the family. They were so self-effacing and just really lovely people and so normal, despite their son being one of the most famous people in the world and the man who inspired my children to run.

"They love Glasgow and were full of praise for the friendliness of the people. They were having a great time and it just seemed like a lovely family trip for them.

"For us it was amazing, a great Commonwealth Games moment."