AN intrepid teenager is aiming to become the youngest ever person to swim through the world's third largest whirlpool.

Matthew Michie, 15, will attempt to swim through the gulf of Corryvreckan off the west coast of Scotland on Sunday.

Matthew, a pupil at Carnoustie High School, has been training every day of his school holidays for the dangerous challenge -including swimming across the River Tay.

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The Corryvreckan whirlpool is formed by the tides from the east and west of Jura meeting off the northernmost tip of the island where the Corryvreckan is located, funnelling in to the spot at great force.

An underwater basalt pillar known as "The Old Hag" then forces the tidal water upwards, as the water smashes off the sides of the channel, resulting in the whirlpool.

It can cause waves of up to 30ft and is famous for almost drowning George Orwell when he went for a swim there when writing the classic 1984 on the Isle of Jura.