A MOTHER who lost one of her twin boys during childbirth has criticised Glasgow City Council after it refused to allow her to put up a memorial to the child.

Louise Chisholm, 29, lost her son Samuel in her womb, but his twin Jack survived. Samuel died from twin transfusion syndrome, a disease of the placenta, and she delivered him along with his healthy brother.

The grieving mother arranged Samuel's funeral at the city's Daldowie ­Crematorium last October, but was told by staff there were no ashes.

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Ms Chisholm, of Glasgow, then urged staff to allow her to lay a small stone in the garden of remembrance next to where her great grandmother's ashes were scattered. However, they said she would have to buy a plot through a hire purchase scheme and a memorial from them. She said: "I can't believe that not only did they throw away my son's ashes and left me with nothing, they refuse to allow me a place where I can grieve for Samuel, somewhere I can take his brother."

A council spokesman said the garden was frequently used by grieving families to scatter ashes and it would be impossible to continue doing this if individual memorial stones were allowed.