A "Village Idiot" comes face to face with a Roman Centurion during a break in the annual historical pageant at Fort George in the Highlands.

Historic Scotland's Celebration of the Centuries took place over the weekend at one of the finest military fortifications, near Inverness.

More than 250 performers depicted 2,000 years of history from Picts and Romans, through to the Viking, Medieval, Renaissance, Reformation and Jacobite periods and the First and Second World Wars.

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The event held particular appeal for children, who were allowed to "inspect" actors dressed up in the First World War army uniforms of the Black Watch, while adults had tea with armour-plated centurions and enjoyed other attractions such as mini-canons.

The event has become a hugely popular date on the calendar for many families, providing a fun and educational day out before the children go back to school this week.

Picture: Neil Hanna