SCOTTISH airports accounted for only three per cent of dangerous goods incidents since 2009, most of them errors involving electric wheelchairs.

Of the 29 Scottish incidents, seven occurred at Edinburgh airport and eight at Glasgow airport.

Almost all were cases of ­electric wheelchairs or mobility aids not being secured properly in the hold, or where the batteries had been left on.

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Aberdeen Airport recorded three dangerous good incidents, one involving an unsecured electric wheelchair. Another related to the "carriage of dangerous goods without crew knowledge" on a domestic flight from Aberdeen in May 2013.

Inverness and Stornoway airports each recorded two ­incidents. One involved cargo labelled "surface mail only - do not fly" - possibly flammable lithium batteries - which was flown on a domestic flight from Stornoway and only discovered on arrival.

Six incidents occurred on flights from oil rigs, most of which involved dangerous goods being carried by mistake or without the pilot's knowledge.