A FATHER was caught drink driving twice within three hours when police gave him his keys back after being breathalysed for the first time.

A court heard that officers knew that 33-year-old father-of-three army Private Vincent Limbani was going to get a taxi to return to his vehicle and drive home and stopped him when he got behind the wheel again.

Limbani's lawyer, Pauline Chapman, told Inverness Sheriff Court it was a "disturbing" case and ­Sheriff Margaret Neilson also expressed surprise that police had returned his car keys.

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The court heard that Limbani had been wakened at around 3am on April 19 this year by his stepson having an asthma attack at` their home in military accommodation in the city.

Mrs Chapman said he had been drinking earlier in the evening and took his car to find an all-night chemist.

Sheriff Neilson told Mrs Chapman: "There are mandatory disposals unless there is a special reason not to disqualify. Do you want a proof fixed for a special reasons hearing?"

Mrs Chapman confirmed she did and added: "I am advised that if he is sentenced to more than 100 hours of unpaid work, he will be sacked from the Army." The proof was set for September 8.