Any old excuse

Any old excuse

AS EXCUSES go it was a lot better than "the dog ate my homework". When the BBC announced that they had suggested August 11 for their big televised debate between Alex Salmond and Alistair Darling there was outrage from Better Together when the First Minister rejected that date. "Eck is running scared," was the line from the No camp, and the lack of a detailed reason for rejection of that date did seem strange.

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Were, as Better Together hinted, their opponents seeking to stall until after the postal votes were sent out? Er, no. It turns out Alex Salmond had a very good excuse for not taking part in the debate last Monday. He and Moira had a pressing engagement meeting the Queen at Balmoral.

Poor grades

THE UK Government's pro-union Facebook site shot itself in the foot this week by proclaiming: "Celebrating your A Level results? Thinking about going to University? Find out how #indyref will affect you." It was swiftly removed but not before comments such as: "Almost nobody in Scotland is celebrating because Scottish schools largely don't do A-levels.Basic research beyond you?"

Naked heckling

JIM Sillars was giving it laldy from the Margomobile in Kirkintilloch this week when a man dressed only in boxer shorts joined the crowd and contributed: "Hey you! I'm on the nightshift. May I invite you to leave?" (That last sentence is something of a paraphrase.)