Being bothered by the boss while on holiday is more stressful than bungee jumping, according to a study.

It's also more bothersome than being stood up on a date, the study from found.

Its study was based on a survey of 2,000 working adults plus stress tests on 16 participants conducted by neuropsychologist Dr David Lewis, of Mindlab International.

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The findings showed that more than 68 per cent of those surveyed had been contacted by their boss while on a break. Being asked where a document was or for computer log-in details were the most common reasons for receiving a call.

from the office while on holiday although sometimes the enquiry was to do with how much water the office plants needed.

Other reasons included questions on how regularly the office plants needed watering, while 10% of holidaymakers had been asked to work on something while they were on the beach.

Those most likely to get a call from the office while on a break were those working in retail, finance and marketing followed by those in IT, law and sales.

The stress tests showed that getting a single call or text message from the office was not only more stressful than bungee jumping but also worse than arguing with a loved one or getting stuck in traffic.

Dr Lewis said: "There is no denying the effect even just a quick text message from the boss can have when we are on holiday.

"It may not seem like a big deal to the sender but to the recipient the results are dramatic and significantly compounded by being in a relaxed state of mind."