TWO of Scotland's busiest airports have been criticised by consumer watchdogs over luggage delays for travellers.

Glasgow and Aberdeen airports were awarded just two out of five stars for baggage reclaim in an annual passenger survey.

Which?, the consumer magazine, surveyed 7,000 people across the UK, on their experiences at airports.

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Both Prestwick and Aberdeen Airport were rated in the bottom five of 15 small airports across the UK that were included in the survey.

Prestwick came 12th, with a 58 per cent overall satisfaction rate followed by Aberdeen, in 13th, with 57 per cent.

Passengers were also asked to rate 10 separate categories, including covered pick-up and drop-off points, queues for security and passport checks.

Aberdeen Airport received two stars for baggage reclaim, seating provision and food outlets. Glasgow received two stars for baggage reclaim.

The magazine said waiting to reclaim baggage was found to be passengers' main problem.

Which? said large airports performed particularly badly on this, with 14 of the 20 surveyed scoring only two stars. Director Richard Lloyd, said: "The message from travellers is clear - larger airports continue to let people down on basics."

But an Aberdeen Airport spokeswoman said: "Work to address those issues is already under way."

A Glasgow Airport spokeswoman said: "We are disappointed by this survey's findings on baggage as they do not concur with our own internal measurements."