JULIET LE PAGE has two children conceived through egg donation.

The 55-year-old conceived her son, Rafe, when she was 46 after having IVF using donor eggs in Edinburgh. Ms Le Page, who runs Fertility Concerns and who lives in Edinburgh with her husband Richard, decided to add to her family two years later and travelled to a private clinic in Barcelona where she conceived her second child, Julia, again as a result of egg donation. Julia was born a day after Mrs Le Page's 50th birthday. The cost of the treatment was around £8,000.

Mrs Le Page is aware of more and more people needing fertility treatment and donor eggs.

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"I don't think I'm that unusual in that my husband and I started trying for a family when I was 43.

"I think of myself as extremely lucky, and like a lot of things if you've really had to work hard for something you appreciate it all the more. I don't feel my family is particularly out of the norm. You get families that are mixed, with stepchildren as well as biological children, and same-sex couple with children. Families are not what they were like 50 years ago, and it's good this diversity is more accepted."