A young man revved the engine of his car so much as a tribute to late Hollywood star Paul Walker that his vehicle caught fire and ended up engulfed in flames.

Niall Kinghorn was at a car rally paying respects to the Fast and Furious actor, who died in a car crash in November last year, when his Ford Focus caught fire.

He had been warned to stop revving the engine by a crowd of onlookers at the Beach Boulevard car park in Aberdeen but ignored them.

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The 20-year-old admitted recklessly revving his engine causing it to catch fire to the danger of others when he appeared at Aberdeen Sheriff Court yesterday.

Sheriff Richard McFarlane called Kinghorn's actions "crass stupidity". The sheriff said: "I simply do not know what to make of this. You get together with auto enthusiasts. Part of the get-together was to pay respects to a deceased actor.

"I have never heard of respects in this regard as to what you did on this occasion. Presumably you are counting your blessings that no other damage was sustained to other people's property and there was no injury to any other participants."

Kinghorn, of Inverurie, was at a memorial car rally for Walker on December 14 when the drama unfolded.

The court heard that around 10pm the car park had been full of people in cars and crowds had gathered around as smoke emerged from Kinghorn's vehicle.

Sheriff McFarlane fined Kinghorn £750. He refused to comment as he left court yesterday.