SKY at Night presenter Lucie Green will next week visit the University of Dundee to reveal some of the mysteries of the Sun, such as what solar flares and sunquakes are, and what they mean for the future of people living on Earth.

The esteemed space scientist will deliver a talk, entitled Solar Max, at the D'Arcy Thompson Lecture Theatre from 6.30pm on Monday. The event takes place as part of the Institute of Physics' Scotland Regional Lecture Series.

Organiser Dr David McGloin, Associate Dean of the University's Division of Electronic Engineering and Physics, said: "There is more to our Sun than meets the eye. Observations from spacecraft have, over the last 50 years, revealed astonishing activity that cannot be seen from the Earth."

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An acknowleged expert on magnetic fields in the Sun's atmosphere, Lucie Green is a a Royal Society University research fellow working at the Mullard Space Science Laboratory of University College London.