YOUNG Scots jobseekers are increasingly looking to reject attractive job titles in favour of choosing the "right company" to work for when making their career choice, according to Scotland's leading recruitment platform.

Gavin Mochan, head of sales with s1jobs, said he believes a trend has emerged whereby the Generation Y - people in their 20s and 30s - prefer to weigh up the attractions of a company offering a position, rather than the actual job.

He said this new movement has also led to directorlevel individuals applying for positions in middle management because of the appeal of a particular company's culture.

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Mr Mochan said: "The Generation Y employee is becoming increasingly company-led rather than ­ job-led. That means that a great position is not enough to entice the best candidate, they want to pick the best company first.

"Individuals are even ­stepping down the career ladder should a company stand out to the applicant offering a better work-life balance and culture.

"It means big powerful organisations are very attractive to candidates. For example, if Yahoo are looking for suitable candidates, then a bigger organisation like Google advertise for the same role the next day, Generation Y candidates are more likely to go for the Google position."

Companies are also increasingly reacting to the trend and using innovative methods to find the best people - videos are one tool being used to show applicants the environment of the workplace, helping the candidate to identify if they are the best cultural fit.